WINNER’s Mino Gave Actress Im Soo Jung A Gorgeous Handmade Gift

We’d love one too!

On the reality show, Song Minho’s Pilot, Mino from WINNER met up with actress Im Soo Jung. After spending some time chatting, Mino was tasked with giving her a painting.

That very night, he began to think about how to best go about drawing her.

Mino revealed that although he had tried to sketch out the base drawing, he ended up not liking any of it.

He decided to take a bold leap and simply start painting without any sketches at all. First, he colored the background a deep green.

He began to draw out her facial features using a lighter green mixed with white.

Mino shared that although one might not believe him, he felt that every single brush stroke was akin to having a conversation.

He ended up staying up all night to complete the painting. Of course, Mino named the painting after the actress herself. As for the details, Mino shared that he added in sunflowers, as the two of them liked the flower, and tried to use various textures to recreate Im Soo Jung’s curly hair.

Both Mino and Im Soo Jung were extremely satisfied with the painting! She has since put it up in her home.

What a rare talent! Catch the snippet of their meeting below.