WINNER’s Song Mino Shares Upcoming Plans For His Artwork And Teases The New Collection

He has a new series up his sleeve.

On October 30, WINNER‘s Mino dropped his solo title track, “Run Away”, from his upcoming album, TAKE. TAKE is a self-composed album that is slated for release soon. However, it seems like the man is getting busy, as he also has more plans to expand on his artwork.

On a recent episode of KBS Cool FM‘s Jung Eunji’s Gayo Plaza, Mino revealed that he is planning a new series of artwork. He showed off the first piece in his new collection, which was now his current wallpaper. He further shared that the new collection would be based on drawing the portraits and bodies of people using black colors only.

Mino asked fans to wait for him to complete the series, as he has plans for showing them off to the public after. It was revealed that for expenditure, he spends the most on paint and brushes. He has been purchasing neon shades recently.

Mino is known for this love and talent in the arts. He has previously held exhibitions for his various artwork, with a recent collaboration with the brand PLAC. His artworks, along with Seungyoon‘s, were displayed in their showroom for October.

Mino has recently made a comeback as a solo. Check out his music video for “Run Away” below.