WINNER’s Mino Attends Younger Sister’s Wedding In Los Angeles

He looked proud and happy.

WINNER‘s Mino was recently spotted attending his younger sister’s wedding in Los Angeles. The singer has been on the down low ever since his military enlistment. The singer was previously announced to have enlisted in March 2023.

The singer may have taken leave for the special day! He flew over just to be with his beloved sister, Song Danah, on her wedding day. Although journalists did not pick up on his departure, the sighting was shared on social media by various wedding guests.

Mino walked Danah down the aisle. This was a poignant moment as it is known that their father passed away after a battle with cancer. He took the chance to step up for his baby sister.

| @marilyn_mondro/Instagram
| @han_alice/Instagram

The couple looked radiant! Mino himself also wore a beige linen suit to match California weather.

| @shelby_stress/Instagram

During the banquet, Mino and Dana danced to Officially Missing You.

| @michelleyaejin/Instagram

It’s not a surprise that they both slayed! Danah used to be part of a girl group called New.F.O.

| @michelleyaejin/Instagram

The sibling pair are known to be extremely close. Mino and Danah often appeared on broadcasts together. When Danah was on the reality dating show Workplace Romance, Mino made a special appearance through a video call.

Although the moment was kept on the down low, it did not seem to be a secret. Danah herself shared many reposts of the moments from her wedding and with Mino, on her personal Instagram.


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