WINNER’s Seunghoon And BLACKPINK’s Lisa Are Back At It With Another Dance Collab And It’s Got Fans Wanting More

Next stop: Lilifilms.

WINNER‘s Seunghoon and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa are back at it again!

It hasn’t even been a full week since the two main dancers posted a video to Seunghoon’s Twitter account of the two dancing to Lisa’s “MONEY.”

Now it looks like they’re back at it with another dance!

Seunghoon first shared a thumbnail of the video to his Instagram story asking his followers if he wanted to see the two dancing together.

Uh, yes!

He did not disappoint as he then posted the video to his 1.9 million followers of him and Lisa dancing to the song “Dancin” by Aaron Smith and Luvli just a few hours later.

The 17 second video of the two dancing quickly amassed over a million views with over 1.9 million plays less than a day after being posted.

And you could say fans are definitely delighted at the two dancing together!

Even the last dance video the two collab’ed together on had fans asking Seunghoon for more videos with Lisa!

Fans are even hoping that the mention of a collaboration means that maybe fans will see the two in a new Lilifilm on YouTube!

Either way, we know that we love seeing the two just enjoying their time dancing together! Make sure to check out their other dance video below.

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