Here’s What WINNER’s Seunghoon Thinks About Marrying NCT’s Mark

He has a 4% chance of marrying Mark.

WINNER‘s Lee Seunghoon once sent the internet into panic when he posted the results to a quiz that he had taken online. He had decided to take one of those random Twitter quizzes for fun. At that point in time, K-Pop fans were all taking a quiz to see the chances they would have with a K-Pop idol. Hilariously, Seunghoon was told that he had a 4% chance of marrying NCT‘s Mark. He had proudly posted his results on his account, with the musing that “there was not 0% chance at least.

His fun tweet came to bite him in the butt when WINNER guested on 1theK‘s IDDP. IDDP is a show where idols read their trivia on their Namuwiki page and respond to it. Regarding his 4% chance of marrying Mark, here’s what Seunghoon had to say.

I tried this thing on Twitter that’s something like an MBTI test, something like which male idol you would marry. And I posted the results on Twitter to be like, I did what everyone else tried too! But I didn’t expect things to blow up like this. Apparently Mark heard about this personally. Of course, I like Mark a lot but I have no intentions of marriage. I want to meet Mark once though. We have to meet and talk. I can’t marry him based on his face alone! Could you marry someone just because they dance well? I can’t marry someone just because they sing well. You need to meet them and talk and get to know them. I think that it wouldn’t be too late to decide then.

— Lee Seunghoon

We certainly agree that marriage should only come after meeting a person. Of course, fans were only more amused by the serious way he considered this marriage with Mark. We’d love to hear from Mark next!