Winners Announced For V Live’s First-Ever Awards Ceremony, V HEARTBEAT

Here are the Top 12 artists and Top 5 rookies.

V Live has announced the winners for their first official awards ceremony, V HEARTBEAT!


In the past, V Live honored their Global Top 10 artists and Top 5 rookies with an award party. Winners are chosen based on their V Live popularity and fan engagement: hearts, comments, and a total number of views collected on V Live from December 1, 2018 to September 30 this year.


For 2019, V Live is taking their awards party to the next level by hosting an awards ceremony. At V Live Awards V HEARTBEAT, V Live’s Top 5 rookies will be given awards, and two additional artists have been added to the usual Top 10 artist winners to form Top 12.


The Top 5 rookies are, in no particular order: X1, TXT, CIX, AB6IX, and ITZY.


V Live’s Top 12 winners are: TWICEBTSMONSTA XEXO, Stray Kids, IZ*ONESEVENTEEN, iKONBLACKPINKWINNER, GOT7, and NCT. Voting for the winner of “The Most Loved Artist” award will open on October 22 and end November 14.


At 7 PM (KST) on November 16, V HEARTBEAT will be broadcast live from Gocheok Sky Dome. So far, the lineup of artists for the show includes: MONSTA X, JANNABI, GOT7, MAMAMOO, Stray Kids, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Afgan, TXT, ITZY, X1, AB6IX, and CIX.

Source: OSEN