WINNER’s Mino announces exact date for new release

YG Entertainment continues to hype up fans by releasing a second image teaser for WINNER‘s Mino.

It has only been a day since Mino’s first teaser was uploaded and this second image promises a release date for September 8.

There is heavy speculation that this release will be the collaboration between Mino and iKon‘s Bobby; Bobby’s teasers share the exact same font style and picture border as Mino’s. Both also sport a rather solemn, dazed look in their photos.

Unlike Bobby’s teasers, Mino’s picture is in full color and his blue borders clashes with the orange ones from Bobby. If this is them leading up to their collaboration release, it will be interesting to see how the two can blend their sounds together.

Since image teasers have been released for both idols now, perhaps a video teaser will be coming up shortly to clarify if these are solo releases or a new unit formation!