Aespa’s Winter Had The Best Clapback To A Fan Who Complained About Her Lack Of Dear. U Bubble Messages

The coolest girl ever.

SM Entertainment artists have recently moved to Weverse’s platform. The move has seen artists interact more with fans for free, using the fan forum community. Despite the move, they are still using Dear. U Bubble to communicate with fans.

Dear. U Bubble is a paid subscription service where fans pay a monthly fee to receive exclusive messages from their idols. They can also send replies to the idols. As it is a paid service, many fans have expectations regarding message frequency. One such fan took to Weverse to complain about the matter.

Fan’s post on Weverse. | Nate Pann

They attached a screenshot of Winter’s last message on Bubble, and urged her to send a new one.

  • Winter, go and send a Bubble. Look at how you’ve not sent a Bubble for days.
  • bubble Go and send a message, winter.

They continuously urged Winter to send Bubbles from between 5.32 pm to 5.54 pm. After their consistent berating, Winter replied to one of their posts at 6.15 pm. She had the coolest response ever.

  • Fan: Go send a Bubble.
  • Winter: Yes, see you at Bubble.

Winter handled the situation perfectly. Even though the fan was being rather rude and demanding, Winter took it like a pro and responded politely. Kudos to the star!

Source: Nate Pann