Within A Year Since His Debut, This Rookie Idol Gets His Face Plastered On Times Square Billboards

New York City’s coveted Times Square advertisement spaces are usually reserved for the top giants in the global industry.

But a rookie idol who hasn’t even debuted for a full year yet had his face feature on this prime advertisement location!

To the surprise of many tourists in New York, a celebration of Kang Daniel’s birthday took up a complete wall in Times Square!

The ads feature clips from Wanna One’s music videos, as well as beautiful fan photos that were taken throughout the year.


What’s even more incredible is that the ads will run for a full week from December 4th to 11th!

Fans are sharing the amazing spectacle on social media, commenting how beautifully done everything is.

A Times Square advertisement costs between $1.1 million to $4 million for a year.

Only the top legends of K-Pop have celebrated their birthdays in Times Square, such as Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany.

Tiffany Was Gifted Times Square For A Day To Celebrate Her Birthday

Besides the coveted advertisement space in Times Square, fans also bought over 30 ad spots across Korea to celebrate!

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Daniel has clearly achieved so much within just a year of his debut thanks to his fans!

But was it really surprising though? Kang Daniel’s been nicknamed God Daniel as he’s been making major waves in K-Pop.

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Fans can’t wait to see how much more amazing Kang Daniel’s future birthday celebrations will be!

Source: Dispatch