Witness Defends Former Big Bang Member Seungri And Claims He Was Never Responsible For Prostitution

“It wasn’t Seungri”

A witness has stepped forward to defend Seungri in the the midst of his ongoing Burning Sun trials. The former Big Bang member is currently facing 8 different charges, including the solicitation of prostitution.

| The Straits Times

On November 19th, Mr. Kim, a former Burning Sun club promoter attended the third trial for Seungri (real name Lee Seung Hyun), who was charged and indicted for prostitution. Mr. Kim was asked whether or not Seungri participated in the crime and this was his response.

Seungri has never participated or mediated in any of the sex trafficking or prostitution.

­— Mr. Kim

| Naver

He continued with his statement to reveal that it wasn’t Seungri who was behind the prostitution orders, but someone else.

It wasn’t Seungri but Yoo In Seok who gave all the instructions. I only did what Yoo In Seok instructed me to do.

­— Mr. Kim

Yoo In Seok is the former CEO of Yuri Holdings and is also the husband of actress Park Han Byul.

There will be a total of 22 witnesses that will be heard until the end of this year. While there were other witnesses called into court for the November 19th hearing, including Jung Joon Young, only Mr. Kim was present for the hearing. Mr. Kim is known to have a close relationship with Seungri as they run a business together and met through a mutual friend.

Source: NewDaily and Hub Zum