Wiz Khalifa Responds To Accusations Of Racism Against Koreans

Wiz Khalifa brushed off the accusations and Korean netizens were not happy.

Wiz Khalifa was recently criticized by fans in Korea for the lyrics to his song “Hot Now”, which they called out as “blatant racism”.

Wiz Khalifa Under Fire For Racist Line Against Koreans In His Latest Song


Wiz Khalifa has since responded to these accusations with what Koreans have accepted as an excuse rather than an explanation, let alone an apology.

“Chill out, I’m not racist. I love all races. I have Korean friends who are not offended, so I don’t know those people who are saying that. My art is up for interpretation.” ㅡ Wiz Khalifa


International netizens have been commenting on other instances when rappers made similar references to Asians but did not spark any controversies.


Moreover, many found it hard to understand why Koreans were upset and went as far as to call the artist racist.


Meanwhile, Korean netizens were not happy and continued to criticize the artist for being ignorant.

  • “Do you think you’re at the position to racially discriminate against others?”
  • “Black people tend to lash out on Asians for the discrimination they receive from white people.”
  • “I believe African-Americans should disappear along with racial discrimination.”
  • “African-Americans discriminate against Asians the most when we visit America.”
  • “Says a black drug addict.”
  • “He’s not an artist…”
  • “He looks more like the one that should be discriminated.”
  • “My eyes are bigger than yours!”


Many international netizens have been sympathizing with the arguments of the Korean netizens as well.

Source: Billboard and Naver