WJSN’s Dawon To Make Her Debut As An Actress In The Upcoming Musical Movie “K-School”

Dawon will be starring in the lead role for the movie:

WJSN‘s (Cosmic Girls) Dawon will be making her debut as an actress and showcasing her flawless vocals in the upcoming musical movie K-School.

On August 18, King Kong by Starship announced Dawon would be making her acting debut in the world’s first 8K UHD musical film, K-School. Revealing the news, the company stated, “Dawon will take on the main role of Soo Ah in the musical ‘K-School’. We hope everyone will look forward to and give a lot of love to Dawon’s first step in her acting career.

The upcoming musical movie will tell a story about the dreams, love, and friendship of Millenials who face various challenges to reach their dreams. Dawon’s character, Soo Ah, is a young woman who has a talent for fashion design but doesn’t think she can chase her dreams due to financial difficulties. One day, she is given the opportunity to enroll in an elite design school as a transfer student.

Expressing her excitement Dawon shared, “I am so grateful and happy to be able to take on the challenge of acting through a musical movie. I have a lot of sympathy for Soo Ah and can relate to her as she is similar to me, always striving to nurture her dream. I will do my best in filming to present a great image to viewers.”

Dawon has shared her remarkable talents not only through WJSN’s albums but also through the OSTs for many dramas such as Revolutionary Love, Lucky Romance, and Sweet Stranger And Me. With her undeniable skill, Dawon has been raising excitement as she promises to showcase a passionate performance with her vocal and acting talents in K-School.

Filming for the movie will begin in October with plans to distribute the film overseas in December following a Korean premiere.

Are you excited for Dawon’s acting debut?

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