WJSN Meiqi and Xuanyi Won Produce 101 China With Over 360 Million Total Votes

The girls have come a long way to take the top spots.

China’s Produce 101 just aired its final episode and introduced the girls who will be debuting as the Rocket Girls.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cosmic GirlsMei Qi and Xuan Yi came out on top. Mei Qi snagged the top spot with over 185 million votes.

Her final count was 185,244,357 votes. It’s no wonder she had tears in her eyes!


Xuan Yi on the other hands was able to take the second spot with over 181 million votes.

Her total count was an impressive 181,533,349 votes!


Although the girls were originally thought to be a shoo-in for the final group, they actually had a long and challenging journey to the top.

Mei Qi with blonde hair, 2nd from left and Xuan Yi, far right from behind the scenes images of one of the first episodes.


Mei Qi may have maintained an A grade throughout the competition, but in the first rankings, she took the #16 spot.

The following week she moved up to #6, then again she moved up to #4, and during the fifth episode, she was awarded the top spot. After gaining the top spot she stayed there all the way to the finals.


Xuan Yi, on the other hand, didn’t always have an A grade. When the girls were first given their grades, she was given an A grade but was later downgraded to B.

Luckily at the next ranking, she was able to regain her A grade and maintain it for the rest of the show.


Her grade wasn’t the only thing that changed. Despite keeping within the top 11 the entire time, Xuan Yi had some inconsistency with her rankings.

During the first week she came in at #5, the next two weeks she was able to grab the first spot, then she moved down to second. After that, she was sitting at #3 for four straight weeks before moving back up to #2 at the finals.


Since the girls had such an interesting journey, fans are even more excited that they won.


While there is a lot of happiness and excitement for the two Cosmic Girls members, many fans can’t help but wonder what will happen next and what the win means for the future of Xuan Yi, Mei Qi, the Cosmic Girls, and the Rocket Girls.

Source: @produce101China (1) and (2)