WM Entertainment to possibly delay B1A4’s sister group debut until May

After announcing the potential debut of B1A4‘s sister group, WM Entertainment says that they may postpone their debut until May.

Consisting of eight members, WM Entertainment’s second idol group will be presented as B1A4’s sister group.  Originally set to debut in April, WM Entertainment announced that the girls will most likely have their debut set to a later day in May.

The average age of the girls in the upcoming girl group are significantly lower than of B1A4. Even though the girls have been training for 3-4 years, WM Entertainment hopes that with the extra time, it will allow the girls to make an unforgettable debut.

With a style similar to B1A4, WM Entertainment believes that they will be able to convey a similar feel to B1A4 in their new girl group.

Source: TV Report