More women speak up on Enes Kaya’s infidelity allegations

After news broke out of Enes Kaya’s possible infidelity rumors, more women came forth to reveal their own alleged encounter with the variety show star.

On December 3rd, an episode of SBS‘s Night of TV Entertainment interviewed two alleged victims of Enes Kaya’s infidelity.

The first woman (hereby “A“) stated “According to TV shows, Enes Kaya was married in 2011. We were still keeping in touch in 2011 and I decided to reveal this because I felt like people were being fooled by his act on TV. Enes called me ‘Honey’ and said things like ‘honey why aren’t you calling, I miss you’ and acted like a husband. When I tried to distance myself he did not relent. When I think about it, that would be around the time his wife was pregnant. I am just astonished at the guy.

“Victim A” also shared pictures of Enes including pictures of him from his past. She further revealed that she has received a call from Enes after she uploaded the post titled, “Don’t act like you’re single,” but she did not pick up. She showed the number to the staff, and they confirmed that it matched with the phone number they had for Enes.

enes kaya

The second woman, going by as “Victim B,” said in a phone interview that they dated for three months and that “He told me his name was Nick, not Enes, and said he was half Italian. If you look you would think the messages were made between a couple. He said he was different and he was so eloquent that I couldn’t help but trust him. He said he would never cheat in his life, so how could I even imagine that he was married.”

To make matter worse, one woman also sent a voice message file that is supposedly Enes Kaya. The file was analyzed by Professor Bae Myung Jin of Soong Il University and he stated, “You can hear a bit of a nasal drag in his voice and the sound waves hold the same slope in both audio files so you can probably say that it is Enes himself.

Meanwhile, Enes has spoken up about this matter via a legal team, stating that he is ready to take legal action.

Source: Sports Chosun, MBN and Chosun