Wonder Girls’ Sohee Names Which JYP Girl Group’s “Visual Maknae” Stands Out To Her The Most

Sohee’s the OG JYP Visual Maknae, but she commented about this junior…

The maknae line of all JYP’s girl groups is famous for having legendary visuals. Starting with Wonder GirlsSohee, JYPE saw some of K-Pop’s most brilliant maknae members, like Suzy from MissA, Tzuyu from TWICE, and Yuna from ITZY. Each maknae member had more than just talent to offer for the group; these ladies also came with amazing looks that helped establish a massive fan base!


Being the OG of the “golden visual maknae line”, Sohee was praised for her unchanging beauty. She’s had the same face since she was young!


During Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator, Refridgerator the hosts asked which of her “golden visual maknae line” juniors stood out to her the most.


Sohee answered, Tzuyu!


“TWICE’s Tzuyu is so pretty.”

— Sohee


Aside from UWU-ing over this cute JYPE moment, fans are also amazed by how Sohee hasn’t changed much since her Wonder Girls days! The show hosts shared a collection of Sohee’s past pictures and it is very evident that Sohee was, is, and always will be absolutely adorable!


Sohee left Wonder Girls back in 2013, just a few years before Tzuyu debuted with TWICE. Unfortunately, fans never got the chance to see these two maknaes interact on stage. Hopefully, their schedules will one day align!


Watch Sohee gush about Tzuyu below: