Wonder Girls’ Yubin and Secret’s Hyosung Confirmed To Unite As A Project Duo

Yubin and Hyosung will be releasing music as a duo!

Former Wonder Girls member Yubin and former Secret member Hyosung will be coming together to release music as a special project duo!

On April 13, reports were made that Yubin and Hyosung would be releasing music together as a project group. The duo was even reported to have begun preparations for recording.

Image: @iluvyub/Instagram

Following these reports, Hyosung’s agency confirmed the good news revealing that the two really are forming a project duo stating, “Hyosung will be forming a project group with Yubin. Since it’s still in the early development stages, details like when they’ll release a song have not been set yet.

Image: @superstar_jhs/Instagram

The news has many fans excited not only because the two idols are longtime friends but also because the two were in the girl group Five Girls along with former After School member UEE, former SPICA member Jiwon, and G.NA before the group disbanded in 2007 right before their scheduled debut.

Are you excited about the project from these two iconic artists?

Source: Newsen and Hankook Ilbo