Wonder Girls’ Hyerim Stuns In Family Photoshoot With Her Baby

They all look gorgeous!

2nd generation idols are now hitting their early to mid-thirties on average. It is no surprise that most of them are happily attached. Wonder GirlsHyerim married in 2020 to taekwondo athlete Shim Min Chul. Everyone congratulated the pair. In the following year, they announced that they were expecting.

Time flies; in March 2023, their son has passed his 100th day of birth. The 100th day, also known as dohl, is celebrated by often hosting a feast or party. At the feast, the child will undergo a doljabi, where a selection of items are placed in front of the child. It is used to tell the child’s future. For example, if the child grabs a microphone, they would become a singer.

Hyerim shared photos from a family photoshoot they did to celebrate the 100th day.

| @wg_lim/Instagram

Decked in traditional outfits, the hanbok, mother and son look very happy.

| @wg_lim/Instagram

Her groom also took part in the shoot, despite not being used to cameras.

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The traditional setting brought out the beauty of Korea.

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A beautiful family!

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The celebration was graced with lots of food and rice cakes!

| @wg_lim/Instagram

Hyerim shared that she had purposely gone for a traditional venue.

Everyone was in awe of the photos.

Netizen comments. | instiz

  • “Wow, the baby is so pretty. Both parents have such pretty smiles, so he must take after that.”
  • “It’s already his 100th day? Time flies.”
  • “The baby smiles so well…so pretty!!”
  • “Wow, the photos are so well-taken. So pretty.”
  • “The baby is sooo cute… Makes me think that this is what people mean when they say someone smiles brilliantly… So cute.”

Congratulations to the happy family!

Source: Instiz