Wonho Spills On His Strict Routine And Motivation To Maintain His Muscular Physique

Eric Nam was impressed by his discipline.

Wonho is well-known for his passion for exercise, often showing off his muscular physique to fans.

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There’s no denying Wonho’s dedication, but in an episode of Eric Nam‘s DAEBAK SHOW, the idol opened up about just how disciplined he is. Not only does he “wake up three hours before” he goes to the stylist, but he also works out twice a day, even when shooting content like Eric Nam’s show.

Eric Nam: As we all know, you have an incredible body. It’s like freaking jacked, crazy ripped, all muscle.

Wonho: Yeah, I have.

Eric Nam: How much do you work out?

Wonho: So, I worked out before I came here to see you.

Eric Nam: When do you usually wake up?

Wonho: I wake up three hours before I need to see the stylist. So, I get ready, work out, shower, and get things done. Once I finish my work, I work out before I go work on my songs.

Eric Nam: Again… Twice?

Wonho: Yes.

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When asked about his motivation, Wonho explains that he both “[values] time” and cares about his “public image.

Eric Nam: Why [exercise]?

Wonho: Because…

Eric Nam: I think it’s really good. As someone who doesn’t work out, I’m amazed and envious, but… Why?

Wonho: I think it’s because I value time, and it’s also about my public image. I wouldn’t work out if I could be sexy without working out just like you.

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Wonho applies this disciplined attitude not only to his workout routine but also to the food he eats.

Wonho: I eat about eight chicken breasts [a day]… I eat eight of them, and protein shakes, as well. I think that’s it.

Eric Nam: Is that what you eat every day? Don’t you get sick of them?

Wonho: I do get sick of them, so sometimes I eat cream-flavored chicken breasts when I want to give myself a reward.

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And the idol also has foods that he avoids eating.

Eric Nam: And do you have some foods you never eat or avoid?

Wonho: I never eat anything deep-fried. I avoid anything deep-fried, and that one… Anything roasted.

Eric Nam: Roasted? Why?

Wonho: I’ve stopped eating anything roasted recently. I heard it’s the most unhealthy kind of food one can eat.

Eric Nam: When we hang out, let’s eat separately.

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Wonho admits that he can endure dieting and exercising when he thinks of his fans’ reactions.

Eric Nam: To become muscular, you have to have a specific diet with many restraints. What mindset do you endure it with?

Wonho: I think it’s like when I see the result… I think I maintain discipline by imagining how the fans will react to the work I’ve done.

Eric Nam: I definitely notice that you love your fans so much, Wonho.

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And, of course, Wonho not only shows discipline in his exercise and dieting but the idol is also involved in developing all of his songs.

Wonho: I get the basic chords down first. From the collection of lyrics I wrote down in the past, I match the ones that fit best to the song. And then, my colleagues and I work together to improve the songs.

Eric Nam: So you make all the basics of your music?

Wonho: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Eric Nam: You may not realize it, but it’s incredible. I can’t even imagine doing it because it takes so much time.

Wonho: It does.

Eric Nam: It takes so much energy. I think he’s extremely diligent. He works out twice a day and works on his songs every day. Incredible.

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