Wonho Discusses Fan Theories And Shares Spoilers For His Upcoming Album

“You’re exactly right!”

In preparation for the release of his long-awaited second solo albumLove Synonym #2: Right For Us, Wonho sat for an interview for e.L.e Magazine and answered questions regarding his previous album and what can be expected from this upcoming one.

When talking about his previous album, Love Synonym #1: Right For Me, Wonho was asked about the symbolism in his first music video “Losing You.” He then went on to discuss—and confirm—theories that many fans had come up with!

Wonho surrounded by lights in the “Losing You” MV. | WONHO/YouTube

For instance, in one shot he is surrounded by shining lights, a striking contrast in an otherwise dark scene. Some fans interpreted it as “paparazzi or an invasion of celebrity life,” but many thought of the lights as an allusion to lightsticks of loving fans eagerly awaiting his return.

| e.L.e/YouTube

“You’re exactly right about interpreting that scene in the music video,” Wonho confirmed. “That is the message I wanted to instill and deliver to the fans.”

The car scene in “Losing You.” | WONHO/YouTube

Connections were also drawn between the cars in “Losing You” and the music video for his first title track, “Open Mind.” In “Losing You,” he was seen behind the wheel but also standing in front of the car, blocking his own way in the darkness.

The car scene in “Open Mind.” | WONHO/YouTube

On the other hand, in “Open Mind,” he was surrounded by color as he broke through chains that were holding him back—literally. This was speculated to have been a way to represent his newfound freedom, and those speculations turned out to be correct!

“Open Mind.” | WONHO/YouTube

“Yes, “Open Mind” was about wanting to be free from the oppression I was feeling,” Wonho answered with a smile.

| e.L.e/YouTube

Other than fan theories, Wonho also talked a little bit about what fans can expect from his upcoming album, Love Synonym #2: Right For Us, and how it differs from the previous one.

A concept photo for Love Synonym #2. | @official__wonho/Twitter

“The previous album was more about freedom,” he explained. “But this album is a little darker and a bit cooler. So when fans watch the performances, they will be a lot more fun.”

He also shared that he was excited for fans to hear the song he worked on with another artist, which we now know to be “Ain’t About You” featuring Kiiara, an American singer-songwriter, and that it will have an English version as well.

Kiiara (left) and Wonho (right). | Atlantic Records & @official__wonho/Twitter

We were already more than excited for this comeback but, with this interview, Wonho just made us even more impatient!

Source: e.L.e