Wonho Shares His Personal Phone Pictures And Nobody’s Okay

He revealed it all!

Wonho recently disclosed exactly what kind of eye-candy photos he has saved in his camera roll!

His most recent photo was taken the night before at 12:14 A.M. He admitted there was no special reason for this sexy selfie — He simply took it just because he could!

I was filming something and saw a mirror, so I took a photo.

— Wonho

For the photo that best represents himself, he chose a casual one of himself in some comfy workout clothes while visiting Jeju Island.

Meanwhile, his choice for the photo that represents him the least may seem like an average selfie, but upon closer look, something’s up!

The camera app photoshopped my face too much so it doesn’t look like me!

— Wonho

Next, his favorite post-workout photo shows off his insanely ripped body.

He chose his butt as the part of his body he worked hardest for in the gym…but he’ll pass on sending any photos of that!

Showing off a photo of himself tanning, he admits his body does all the work and makes everything look good, including a tanning mask.

Additionally, he revealed some of his favorite food in his camera roll, including this delicious meal he had to pass on while he was filming. Hopefully, after his diet, he can enjoy some delicious food again!

Check out everything Wonho has on his phone below.