Wonyoung’s Fans Announce A Boycott Of IVE’s Comeback

They have multiple demands from the label.

A significant number of fans of IVE member Wonyoung announced their intent to boycott the group’s next comeback on April 4, KST.

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Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

The boycott was started by a major Chinese fanbase of the idol, who released a statement announcing the boycott of all IVE albums and merchandise, citing multiple reasons, one of which was Wonyoung’s grueling work schedule. The fan account provided multiple receipts showing very hectic schedules from 2023. For instance, her schedule accounted for just a single one-hour break between December 12 and December 18.

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In March 2024, the idol flew from Korea to Taipei to Paris and back to Korea within five to six days.

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Another reason behind this boycott was Wonyoung’s lack of individual activity. Many fans argued that apart from advertisements, the idol doesn’t really have any personal activity, which is quite sharp in contrast with her teammates.

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And finally, the last reason behind this call for a boycott was the lack of action on Starship Entertainment’s part in the face of malicious comments against Wonyoung in China. The fan account explicitly mentioned that despite protests last year, the agency did nothing to protect her from rumors spreading in China about her.

In their boycott statements, fans have, however, made it very clear that it is due to no fault of Wonyoung or any other IVE member but to pressure the agency to accept their demands of a less brutal schedule, more solo activities, and better artist protection.

Meanwhile, IVE is gearing up for a comeback with a new album on April 29.


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