Woo Do Hwan Receives Military Enlistment Date

Serve well, Woo Do Hwan.

Woo Do Hwan has reportedly received his military enlistment date, and he will join the military on July 6.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Chosun, Woo Do Hwan will be enlisting in the military on July 6. He will be serving in active duty for the period of his mandatory military service. Few other details are currently known about his military service.

Back at the end of May, Woo Do Hwan was spotted taking his military medical examination. At that time, KeyEast said they were looking into the report, but did not release any further statement. KeyEast has since confirmed the report, stating Woo Do Hwan will enlist on July 6.

Hello, this is KeyEast.

Woo Do Hwan will enlist in the military on July 6.

Due to health and safety reasons, the place and time will not be revealed to the public. He would like to enlist without any events such as goodbye greetings or press conference.

Please support him so he can fulfill his national defense obligations with no issues.

— KeyEast


He was born on July 12, 1992, which means he needs to enlist by next year, 2021. Woo Do Hwan rose to fame following his roles in OCN‘s Save Me and KBS‘s Mad Dog. He then took lead roles in Tempted, My Country, and The King, as well as the movie The Divine Fury.

Source: Sports Chosun