Woo Jiyoon’s New Song Gaining Attention For Targeting BOL4’s Ahn Jiyoung

The lyrics can be interpreted as an attack on Ahn Jiyoung.

Woo Jiyoon made her solo debut under the stage name ODDCHILD, and she is gaining attention for one of her tracks seemingly attacking her former BOL4 teammate Ahn Jiyoung.

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In her intro song “DODO”, which she wrote the lyrics for, composed, and arranged under the name AVOR, the lyrics can be interpreted as an attack on Ahn Jiyoung.

Your endless desire and greed is a reason for a side out.

You pushed me away and took the set point

Salud beer, tryna gaslighting.

My dreamlike work was burnt away, rock my boat.

It’s a nightmare for me.

I’m selfish til the end.

The self-justification was that flowers will bloom tomorrow, for you.

I was worried for you.

I’m glad I got out.

Every clouds has a silver lining

Beat it, I did.

— DODO lyrics

There are several references that can be interpreted as references towards Ahn Jiyoung and BOL4 in the lyrics for DODO. First, she mentions endless desire and greed, which could refer to Ahn Jiyoung’s desire to continue with BOL4 even without her. She also mentions someone pushing her away, and again that can refer to Ahn Jiyoung pushing Woo Jiyoon out of BOL4.

She also refers to BOL4’s song “Workaholic” with Salud beer. In “Workaholic”, part of the lyrics include Beer, Cheers, and salud can mean cheers in Spanish. Another reference is that she says she is glad she got out of BOL4, as she was living a nightmare.