Woo Taewoon Reveals The Heart Breaking Reason He Refused To Debut In Block B

Zico‘s older brother Woo Tae Woon revealed why he did not end up debuting with Block B.

Although fans may recognize Woo Tae Woon from his appearance on hip-hop survival show Show Me The Money, a little known fact was that he was one of the original members of Zico’s group Block B. In an interview with International BNT, he revealed that he had actually left the group because of Zico.

He explained:

“[Zico] was the leader even though he was my younger brother, and that may have later on caused problems when he tried to control the group. The other members may have felt uncomfortable about that topic as well. Since the team was built around my brother I didn’t want to get in the way of his success.”

Woo Tae Woon and Zico both recently appeared on a special family episode of talk show Happy Together. On the show, the brothers discussed their family situation, and also answered probing questions about their past.

The brothers often show off their love for each other on their social media, you can check out some of their pictures on Woo Taewoon’s Instagram.

SourceHerald Pop