Woo Won Jae Got His Bank Account Number Tattooed On His Arm, And Now Fans Won’t Stop Wiring Him Money

But that’s not why he got the tattoo!

In a recent interview with GQ Korea, Woo Won Jae revealed the stories behind his tattoos, one of which was his actual bank account number.

Woo Won Jae revealed the very unique tattoo on his arm and shared that he got it the day he signed with AOMG.

He explained that he had to frequent the bank for the first time, and he felt bothered every time he had to took out his phone to get his account information.

So he got it tattooed on his arm.

But the unique tattoo came with its share of consequences.

According to Woo Won Jae, as soon as his tattooist posted a photo of his tattoo, he started seeing money come into his bank account.

Fans keep sending me money. That’s not what I was intending, so I had to tell them to stop sending me money.

— Woo Won Jae

What started out as a tattoo of convenience ended up earning him “profits” in the end!

Netizens responded to the reveal with comments such as “I’ll send you money too“, “The numbers look so good though“, and “Now he can’t change banks even if he wanted to“.

Check out the full tattoo reveal below:

Source: Dispatch