The Production Team For “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” States There Have Been No Decisions Made For Season 2

They are still in discussions.

Earlier it was reported that ENA‘s K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has been greenlit for a second season. This is after the CEO of the drama’s production company, Acetory, Lee Sang Baek, confirmed to media outlets on August 18.

Thanks to the support of many people, we will be producing season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Our hopeful golden time will be in 2024. Our goal is to have season 2 broadcast at that time.

— Lee Sang Baek

At the time, the CEO thrilled fans with news that there would be as few changes to the cast and production team as possible.

It’s not easy to coordinate the schedules of the cast and production staff, so there will be lengthy discussions.

Our goal is to keep at least 90 percent of our cast and production staff. This will take a considerable amount of time to coordinate, but the plan to produce season 2 will not change.

— Lee Sang Baek

However, according to an exclusive report by YTN, when asked, the production team replied that they were still in discussions and stated that nothing had been confirmed.

Park Eun Bin | ENA

When asked about the production company’s desire to keep the original cast and crew, the production team was evasive and stated they were not aware of any decisions.

The different responses between the production crew and the production company has many netizens confused. The drama, which has become an international sensation, has only two more episodes, with its last airing on August 18.


Source: YTN and Wikitree

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