WOODZ Releases Cryptic Video In Light Of Comeback Announcement

What do you think this is about?

On February 21, singer-songwriter WOODZ (also known as Cho Seung-youn, formerly of UNIQ and X1) took to Twitter to share a cryptic video of a floating shapes with the caption “Coming Soon.”

| @c_woodzofficial/Twitter

The shapes were overlaid on a bright red background which would immediately intrigue anybody.

The video ended with his name and gave no further indication as to what was coming next.

| @c_woodzofficial/Twitter

Despite the abstract nature of this video and seemingly no clues, fans’ reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

They figured a comeback was on its way without once questioning the content of the video.

As it turns out, they were right! His comeback was announced the next day via his official Twitter.

| @c_woodzofficial/Twitter

His new single album, Set, will be released on March 15. As of right now, there is no explanation for the floating shapes but hopefully we’ll figure it out soon!