3rd Gen K-Pop Idol Strips On Stage To Gift His Shirt To Fan

But there’s a wholesome backstory to it!

WOODZ (also known as UNIQ‘s Luizy) is currently on his 2023 World Tour ‘OO-LI and.’ He recently performed in Los Angeles, California.

WOODZ | EDAM Entertainment

WOODZ proved to be a master of fanservice as he interacted with his fans in the audience. He even received a Woodstock keychain.

Yet, WOODZ also gave out a gift during his concert…

WOODZ shocked the audience when he unexpectedly began stripping. He took off his shirt, revealing his abs.

| @mirroredmoodz/X

He then handed the shirt to a fan in front of him. Best gift ever?!


As soon as the fan received it, he walked off.


Both concert-goers and netizens are going wild over this moment. His shirt removal literally had fans shouting, “What the f*ck?!” 

Not to mention the various angles, especially the POV, goes crazy! It’s enough to make even us delulu.

The gift recipient also posted on X (formerly Twitter). The fan he handed the shirt to was the same one who gifted him the Woodstock keychain! So, they exchanged gifts.

This sexy moment had such a wholesome backstory.

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