Woollim Entertainment expresses shock over TASTY’s one-sided withdrawal from their Korean activities

Soon after news broke out of TASTY‘s sudden withdrawal of their Korean activities on their Weibo account, Woollim Entertainment has released a statement showing their shock.

The twin duo stated in their SNS post that, “There are in fact many things that we are not able to come terms with our agency, so we made this decision after a long time of consideration.”

To media portal Star News on July 16th, officials stated, “We have been supporting TASTY through various activities in order to achieve a common goal. We were planning and preparing to release a new song hold activities at home (Korea) and abroad (China) simultaneously in mid-June. We were discussing the activities and future plans for the artists when it was confirmed they had left for China and cut off all contact with the agency. We don’t think this is currently the worst-case scenario. We are still awaiting them to contact us.”

TASTY is a Korean-Chinese duo and twin brothers who made their debut under Woollim Entertainment in 2012 with Spectrum with their last release in August 2014 with Addiction.

Source: Star News