Woollim Entertainment Blames Golden Child TAG’s Ankle Injury On Fans But Korean Fans Are Telling A Different Story

Korean Goldenness are not happy with the company’s statement.

Woollim Entertainment recently released an official statement regarding Golden Child TAG‘s ankle injury. The company explained that he had fallen due to obstruction in path and the use of flash photography as he was on his way to a video call fan sign venue.

| @lemonkiwidae/Twitter

On the way to work at the video call fan signing event held on the 18th, due to the direct use of strobe (flash) towards Golden Child members and obstruction of movement lines, there was a situtuation where member TAG wrung his ankle.

— Woollim Entertainment

The company also explained that TAG would be continuing to participate in music shows with the team, albeit on a chair. They reassured fans that he went to the hospital after the schedule and received treatment. Fans have been expressing their concern for the injured TAG.

| Woollim Entertainment

However, Korean Goldenness are claiming a different story. They question the need for the company to blame the incident on fans or other people, when it could have been a pure accident. The path to the venue was also clear as evident in a video taken by a fan.


| @modukkagishrimp/Twitter

People can sprain their ankle just walking, why are they blaming others;; I’m at a loss for words;;;

— Korean Goldenness

I thought that the fans were crowding the van…why is the company overreacting?

— Korean Goldenness

The full video can be seen below.

As the dissent from Korean Goldenness towards Woollim Entertainment grows, the company has not yet retracted or edited their official statement. On the other hand, fans globally are sending their love to TAG, hoping for a speedy recovery. Get well soon, TAG!

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