Woollim Entertainment Warns Fans Against Inappropriate Behavior Following Harassment Of Golden Child Member

Fans will be put on a blacklist.

Woollim Entertainment just released an announcement warning fans against inappropriate behavior that will land them on the blacklist following an incident that occurred with Golden Child‘s Hong Joochan at the site of his musical, Blazing Sonata.

The full translated statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is the person in charge of Golden Child.

First, I’d like to thank all fans who cherish Golden Child.

This notice follows an incident where a fan waited for Golden Child member, Hong Joochan at the site of his musical, Blazing Sonata, and caused harm to the cast and related persons as a result.

We strongly restrict anyone from attending events that have not been officially revealed, and in the case that they’re caught doing the following things, they will be restricted from attending public broadcasts, fan signings,and other official events.

*Blacklist Qualifications*

– Those who attend unannounced and unofficial events (accomodation, waiting rooms, company building, hair/makeup shops, parking lots, private schedules)

– Those who approach stars when they’re entering or exiting schedules and attempt to give them presents and letters.

– Those who violate order at fan signings off-site events by failing to follow instruction from staff

Due to COVID-19, the nation is undergoing social distancing measures. We ask that you refrain from attending the entering and exiting of stars from schedules, not only for the artists, staff, and related persons, but for the safety of the fans as well.

Safety comes first in public spaces shared by citizens and other fans, so please make sure you don’t harm those around you.

We ask all fans for their cooperation.

Thank you.

β€” Woollim Entertainment