“The World of the Married” Actress Shim Eun Woo Admits To School Bullying And Publicly Apologizes

She acknowledged the accusation.

The World of the Married actress Shim Eun Woo, who played the role of Min Hyun Seo, admitted to the accusations of school bullying and violence made against her earlier in the month and released her public apology.

In an Instagram post made on her personal Instagram account, Shim Eun Woo shared her public apology and added that she personally met with the victim to apologize.

This is Shim Eun Woo.

I am writing this to apologize to my friend who was hurt by my immature actions in the past.

After hearing about the post uploaded last month, I quickly contacted the party and told them that I wanted to meet with them to talk, but with all of the media spotlight, the issue got bigger and I couldn’t meet with them because I was too emotional.

After that, I repeatedly kept thinking carefully and contacting my friends through various methods to try and recall what happened back then, but I couldn’t clearly understand what happened between myself and the victim.

I thought that listening to the victim’s story would be the only way to find out what happened, so I asked another time for a meeting. Finally on March 25, I met the person with their family and my agency. I was able to hear their situation and feelings they had when they were in middle school.

I found out that my immature words and actions I made against my friend during my school days left a deep scar on them, something they shouldn’t have to have suffered through during their adolescence. I realized that the words and action I made without any thought when I was young could remain a long-lasting wound to the other person. I thought deeply about my past actions and present self. And I sincerely apologized to them.

In the future, I will constantly look back on myself and try to live as a better person so I don’t hurt others. I am sorry to have caused concern.

Lastly, I would like to sincerely apologize to the people who have become involved in this and my fellow actors whom I have been working with who have been inconvenienced by this incident.

— Shim Eun Woo

Earlier in the month, an anonymous netizen claiming to have attended middle school with Shim Eun Woo claimed that she was outcast by Shim Eun Woo during 7th grade. While the netizen claimed there was no physical violence, she endured emotional abuse allegedly led by Shim Eun Woo. Ultimately, the netizen transferred schools in 9th grade — after having a difficult time in middle school.