Here’s What To Expect From The Next Season Of “Moving” As Told By The Original Writer

The drama’s timeline is more complicated than you think.

Disney+‘s Moving was the hottest drama of the year for the paid streaming platform. It helped Disney+ gain a whole new slew of subscribers and fans. About three high schoolers with supernatural powers, their parents have worked their whole lives to protect them from going through the pains they faced from having superpowers. Although season two has not yet been confirmed, the writer of the original webtoon, Kang Full, has already spoken up about it.

He confirmed what everyone was suspecting. There are talks in the works to renew for a second season. But Moving‘s universe is more complicated than fans of the drama might think. Kang Full has released a couple of series that are linked to each other. The characters in each series often have crossovers, and the backdrop for the series is the same — humans with superpowers were being raised by government agencies for their own benefit. Each series focuses on a different character. The order of his series is as follows: Apartment, then Timing, followed by Again, Moving, then Bridge. There’s also a last series called Hidden, which is not yet released.

The character Young Tak appears very briefly in the drama Moving. In the drama, he’s shown to have the ability to control time. Young Tak is the main character in Timing and also serves as one of the main characters in Bridge. As Bridge is considered the sequel to Moving, many are expecting him to make an appearance. Young Tak’s face remains unrevealed to the camera in Moving, likely as they have yet to cast his actor. Young Tak also does not make an appearance in the webtoon for Moving. The directors for the drama likely included his short scene as an easter egg or preview for the sequel season.

The homeroom teacher talking to Young Tak. 

Things are rather complicated for the drama series at the moment, due to timeline clashes. Moving‘s webtoon could originally be read as a standalone series, as its characters do not show up in Timing or Again. However, Bridge talks about the collective past of the characters from all three series (Timing, Again, and Moving), and hence, it would be difficult to create the second season based on Bridge, as the other characters from Timing and Again were not introduced previously. Another consideration Kang Full has, is that he wanted to create a drama adaptation based on Timing as a related season to 2023’s Moving. But as the main characters from Moving do not appear in Timing, Kang Full worries that fans would be disappointed. After all, fans grew highly attached to Moving’s actors and characters.

He also doesn’t know how to satisfy fans who have been waiting a long time for him to release the webtoon for Hidden. It is impossible for him to create the webtoon for Hidden, and take on the drama adaptation for season two at the same time. Should he choose to work on the drama, he has plans to request for a two-month break from the producers, so as to fulfil his promise to his readers by working on the webtoon for Hidden.

Not all is gloom and doom. Kang Full has confirmed that he does have plans on working with Disney+ for a second season. He simply has to decide which webtoon series to use as fodder, and how to adapt it to suit Moving fans. Watch this space for more updates on the show!

Source: theqoo