X-Rated K-Drama “Hit The Spot” Actress Alleges The Show’s Director Coerced Her To Film A Nude Scene — The Drama’s Production Team Responds

The director threatened to re-cast her character if she didn’t agree to the nude scene.

 The actress has since clarified her post with an Instagram update.

The production team for Coupang Play‘s x-rated drama Hit The Spot responded to allegations that the show’s director had coerced a female actress to film a nude scene.

Poster for Hit The Spot | Coupang Play

On February 19, actress “A” made the allegations on the Brunch app, an online platform. In her writings, “A” alleges that the show had told her right before filming that they had raised the degree of nudity in the scene.

Despite agreeing earlier that she would be wearing underwear, the actress alleged that the director asked her to be nude from her upper body to her behind.

Unrelated actress in the drama for illustration purposes | Coupang Play

The actress stated that if she refused, the director stated she would then re-cast her character.

I didn’t want to take my clothes off. It isn’t because I was embarrassed due to the many people on set. It was because I was afraid that if I took off my clothes in this scene, from now on, I would only be offered parts where the character takes her clothes off.

— Actress “A”

The actress revealed that in the end, however, she decided to shoot the scene in hopes that it would lead to more opportunities.

Still, in the back of my mind, I thought, ‘(The role) is still a main character of an episode in a major drama. Are you going to keep playing side roles?’ I had ambitions to climb up the career ladder. I filmed the scene after signing a waiver stating that the director had explained to me the contents of the scene.

— Actress “A”

The actress stated that in the 40-minute-long episode, she only appeared for four minutes, of which she was nude in two minutes, and that she hasn’t watched the scene more than once, but that despite this, the drama was all that mattered to her.

I haven’t watched the scenes twice. But the reason I am making such a fuss is, despite it not being a hot major Netflix show, and although it scores only a 3 out of 5, to me, this drama is the only one that matters to me in this world.

— Actress “A”

The actress did state that during the filming, the film crew was very professional, but despite this, she felt a feeling of melancholy that she couldn’t quite pinpoint.

The people on set were the epitome of gentleness. Everyone seemed to cater to me. But why do I have this sinking feeling? Even after feeling elated all day.

— Actress “A”

As the post went viral, controversy erupted, with many alleging the director had coerced the actress. As the controversy grew, the production team of the drama responded to the allegations.

On February 20, the production team stated after checking with the actress, the actress had stated she didn’t regret filming the scene.

After verifying with the actress, the actress stated that she did not regret filming the nude scene. The actress states that she is currently taken aback at the response as she did not mean to insinuate that there was an abuse of power.

— Hit The Spot production team

The production team then stated they could not reveal the reason why they didn’t let the actress know sooner and that the actress didn’t take the time to think about her decision.

Although we aren’t able to reveal exactly why we didn’t let the actress know (about the scene) earlier, it didn’t seem like the actress took a lot of time to deliberate.

— Hit The Spot production team

Netizens expressed anger at the production team and their explanation. Many stated that the fact they threatened the actress with re-casting her character in itself is an abuse of power.

  • “It isn’t important whether or not she regrets it. It’s problematic because you said you would re-cast her role if she didn’t agree to take her clothes off.”
  • “It doesn’t matter what you say. The fact that you threatened to re-cast her role is inexcusable. Are you saying that it’s ok because she doesn’t regret it after not giving her a choice?”
  • “While watching the drama, I thought that so much of the nudity was unnecessary. I am rooting for the actors…”
  • “Sigh, is this the production team’s level of awareness?”
  • “You did abuse your power… You threatened the unknown actress that you would re-cast her. Even worse, the scene wasn’t even in the contract that you changed later.”
  • “Is it okay to change the scene a day before filming? LOL, that’s a blatant abuse of power.”
  • “You don’t know whether you told her beforehand??? What a horrible way to say you didn’t tell her beforehand. ‘She didn’t take long to deliberate,’ this part also blows my mind, LOL. Are they f@cking idiots?”

Hit The Spot is an x-rated drama streaming internationally on Rakuten Viki.

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Source: money today, theqoo and tv report