X-Rated K-Drama “Hit The Spot” Actress Yeonji Who Was Coerced Into Filming A Nude Scene, Releases Statement

“Hello, this is Yeonji…”

The actress who was coerced into filming a nude scene released a statement following the drama’s response.

Yeonji | @act_yeon/Instagram

On February 20, actress Yeonji took to her Instagram to address the controversy surrounding her nude scenes in Coupang Play‘s Hit The Spot.

In her statement, the actress states that the controversy was a misunderstanding and that she had never intended for her previous writing to become an issue.

X-Rated K-Drama “Hit The Spot” Actress Alleges The Show’s Director Coerced Her To Film A Nude Scene — The Drama’s Production Team Responds

The actress thanked fans for their support but revealed concerns about how the controversy might affect the drama.

Hello, this is Yeonji, the actress.

In the middle of the night, my Instagram and Brunch app notifications, which are usually quiet, kept going off!
I checked to see what the matter was, and I saw my writings about a project I participated in had been uploaded to a different online community.
I am writing this, however, because I feel there is an understanding.
It was my choice to participate in a project with a nude scene, and I don’t have any regrets.
So please, I ask there aren’t any people who suffer because of my writing.
I deleted my writings in fear of it causing a negative effect on the project that I participated in.

I am always thankful for the support you have given me!

— Yeonji

Previously, controversy erupted when Yeonji had written on her Brunch page that she had been coerced by the director of Hit The Spot to film a nude scene.

I didn’t want to take my clothes off. It isn’t because I was embarrassed due to the many people on set. It was because I was afraid that if I took off my clothes in this scene, from now on, I would only be offered parts where the character takes her clothes off.

— Yeonji

The actress revealed that if she had declined, the director stated she would re-cast her character, which sparked accusations alleging the director had abused her power.

Director of Hit The Spot, Lee Yoon Ah | Money Today

When the controversy grew, the drama responded in a statement in which it denied that the director had abused her power.

After verifying with the actress, the actress stated that she did not regret filming the nude scene. The actress states that she is currently taken aback at the response as she did not mean to insinuate that there was an abuse of power.

— Hit The Spot production team

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Source: @act_yeon