X1’s Kang Minhee Reaction After Getting Silently Scolded By Song Hyeongjun Just Rearranged The Group’s Hierarchy

There’s savagery behind Hyeongjun’s adorable face!

During a recent live video chat with their fans, X1‘s Kang Minhee got scolded by a silent yet savage killer – the adorable Song Hyeongjun! The members were talking about each other’s first impressions when Kang Minhee asked if he could talk about others who aren’t a member of X1.


Song Hyeongjun gave the slightest shake of his head before silently moving on to change the subject.


And Kang Minhee immediately cowered at the adorable bunny’s savagery!


Song Hyeongjun showed his “power” over the tall Kang Minhee once again when they were discussing the other members’ selfie techniques. Kang Minhee used a slang word for “vibe” but apparently Song Hyeongjun thought it was inappropriate.


He went off of camera for a bit before coming back in with the widest and most innocent smile!


But he must’ve given Kang Minhee a look because Minhee looked like a child who got caught eating an extra cookie!


Not only does Hyeongjun’s power work over Minhee, Junho, and Dongpyo all looked at Hyeongjun while they were discussing whether to show a photo or not. Hyeongjun once again took himself off camera and exerted his secret power to move the conversation along!


Fans were blown away by how one of the tallest and most savage member of X1 can be subdued by the softest and tiniest member in the group!


The chemistry between these two will never be fully comprehended and fans love it that way!


Watch their adorable interaction below starting at 33:40:

Source: Nate Pann