X1’s Nam Dohyon Responds To Fans Efforts To Rebrand The Group

“I was really touched.”

X1‘s Nam Dohyon has reinvigorated fans following their petition to rebrand X1 into a newly named group.


ONEITS marketed their efforts after X1’s official disbandment. They hired a truck to drive around Seoul carrying an LED panel with the words “Rebranding X1” and further petitions.


Nam Dohyon gave fans hope by posting a letter thanking them for their efforts.

I went to the company today and I was really touched. The truck that ONEITS sent, while watching the video, made me feel the amount of love that we receive. Thank you so much to ONEITS whom X1 loves. I will definitely not forget it. Thank you for your deep love.

– Nam Dohyon


ONEITS were deeply moved by his message, more invigorated than ever to continue reaching their goal.


Nam Dohyon recently released a video message alongside fellow MBK Entertainment labelmate and X1 member Lee Hangyul. He thanked his fans for their constant support.

Source: Naver