X1 Reveals Their First Group Photos

Their first official photos!

The final debut group of Produce X 101, X1, has revealed their first group photo.

At 9 pm on July 22nd, X1 held an official live broadcast session to meet their fans.


After their live broadcast session, they shared their first photos as the group X1 through their official social media accounts.

Translation: “Have you listened to X1’s refreshing first V live? We hope today became the first happy memory between X1 and fans.”


In one of the photos, the members held profile cards of other members.


In another photo, they made Vs and hearts with their hands and showed off their charms.


Meanwhile, X1 is set to hold their debut showcon (showcase + concert) at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on August 27.

Congratulations, X1!


Source: Twitter