Former X1, Current WEi Member Kim Yohan Earns Praise For Donating To Flood Victims

A giving angel indeed.

Kim Yohan, of former X1 fame, is being praised by the media for his generous donation of ₩10,000,000 KRW ($8434 USD) to the victims of the floods in South Korea.

As many know by now, the flood situation in South Korea is terrible, with roads blocked and waters rising.

| @mrslettha/Twitter

He has made the donation to the Hope Bridge community chest in the hopes of aiding the various victims of the food, including farmers and civilians who have lost items, businesses or homes due to the natural disaster.

| Sports Chosun

This is one of the worst floods ever in the history of South Korea, any many celebrities are stepping up to donate. Kim Yohan has also previously donated the same amount in February to the coronavirus cause, proving his kind heart. He is being termed as the entertainment industry’s newest giving angel for his generous deeds.

In other words, he will be debuting with a solo song on the 25th of August under OUI Entertainment following the unfortunate disbandment of X1. He will later be a part of rookie boy group WEi.

Source: Chosun

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