X1 Will Guest On Their First Variety Show As A Full Group

It’s their first ever one.

Produce X 101 project group X1 will finally make their variety show debut as an entire group on JTBC‘s Idol Room.

It has been revealed that X1 will be participating in the September 3 recording for the show, and that all 11 members will appear on the show, making it the first time all 11 members will guest on a variety show together.

Previously, only a few of the members were guesting on certain variety shows, such as Kim Yohan, Kim Wooseok, and Song Hyeongjun on tvN‘s Amazing Saturday, and Kim Yohan, Han Seungwoo, Son Dongpyo, and Nam Dohyon on Mnet‘s TMI News.

X1 has a busy schedule ahead of them, preparing for their debut fan-con on August 27 and multiple variety show appearances to kick off their debut.

Source: SPOTV


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