X1’s CFs Are Reportedly Being Cancelled Because of Mnet Vote Rigging Controversy

They’re losing brand deals as soon as they get them.

Produce X 101’s winning boy group, X1, has barely had any promotions, but they are already losing out on commercial and pictorial deals.

This is reportedly happening due to the vote rigging controversy that Mnet is currently in hot waters for.

A brand told Sports Chosun that they would like to see how the situation unfolds before contracting X1 as models again.

The group’s advertisement and reality shooting was not contracted but it was scheduled. However, we decided not to proceed with it. As you know, there is a bad news surrounding Produce X (rigged votes controversy). I decided to watch how the situation unfolds first.

— Anonymous brand representative

Another mentioned that the bad press is unhealthy for companies.

The negative news became way too big. We can’t help but consider the consumers’ response. It’s not an easy situation for the business. We might be reconsidering it later, but at this moment, we aren’t suspending the project but cancelling it. We don’t have any plan of shooting the pictorial either.

— Anonymous brand representative

Netizens pointed out that some brands that may have cancelled their deals could have been G-Market, Innisfree, and SKOOLOOKS.

I’m not sure about the pictorial but it’s true that all their CFs are getting cancelled… I thought that the fans already knew since it’s been a talk for a while now?? Right now, there is only Subway who is taking advantage of the show-con and giving them a one-shot CF. And I think they have something else too. They originally were supposed have G-market and Innisfree but they already cancelled…

— Korean Netizen

Innisfree and SKOOLOOKS all cancelled their contracts

— Korean Netizen

At the moment, it seems like TikTok is X1’s only current brand dealer.

It’s true that all CF contracts got cancelled ㅋㅋㅋㅋ X1 Flash’s CFs were all gone and there were no other sponsors than TikTok leftㅋㅋㅋ the CF companies all left them bare

— Korean Netizen

Do you think the situation is fair to X1?

Source: Sports Chosun