X1’s Cha Junho Under Fire For Forgetting To Lip-Sync During Their Debut Showcase

“You didn’t even practice lip-syncing…”

X1‘s highly-anticipated debut showcase took place yesterday (August 27, 2019) at Gocheok Skydome in Seoul, but the show-con doesn’t appear to have gone without a hitch.

X1 performed through a number of songs during their showcase, but it’s their performance of “It’s Okay”—specifically Cha Junho‘s singing—that seems to be raising some eyebrows in the K-Pop community. Due to the quality of the audio and the impeccable performance from many of X1’s other members, many fans initially assumed that the performance was live rather than pre-recorded and were surprised to see what appeared to be Junho not singing during his part.

This seemed to indicate that the performance was not, in fact, live and that not only was the group lip syncing, but Junho was not even lip syncing his part of the song. Having noticed that Kim Wooseok (who sang before him) and Han Seungwoo (who sang after) sang (or lip synced) properly many some went so far as to accuse Junho of not practicing his lip syncing.

You didn’t even practice lip-syncing. What can you do?


What really rubbed some viewers the wrong way was that the song during which the incident occurred is a ballad with no dancing—meaning that it wouldn’t have been hard to sing live. Some have even gone so far as to mock the group’s showcase by calling it a “lip sync concert”.

On the other hand, viewers were quick to point out that it’s common for debut showcase performances like this to contain at least backup vocal tracks, if not outright lip syncing.


Source: TheQoo