X1 Just Released Their Official Fandom Name And Fans Have Mixed Reactions

You’ll never guess what it is.

X1, the group formed from MNET’s highly successful “Produce X 101” reality show, just released their group teaser photos for their debut.

Their mini album “Quantum Leap” is set to be released on August 27 at 6PM.

They also revealed a cute version with the members to contrast their cool, serious one.

More importantly, X1 now has their very own fandom name!

The name “One It” has two meanings. The first, “want it” like how the members wish to achieve their goals, and second, how their fans are the one thing most important to X1.

Fans had mixed reactions to the fandom name, with some acting less than positively towards it.

Even member Seungwoo could not keep in a small chuckle when saying the name.

Most fans, however, seemed to be accepting it well. They especially started liking “One It” when they found out the members chose the name themselves.

They also loved the meaning that they are X1’s favorite people.

Now One It‘s are happily using their name.

And they’ll support X1 no matter what!