X1’s Son Dongpyo Criticized Again For Disrespectful Behavior Towards Elders

Fans are divided in opinions regarding Son Dongpyo’s attitude.

This isn’t the first time X1’s Son Dongpyo has been swept up in another controversy regarding his attitude on a TV show.


On October 12, X1 members Son Dongpyo and Kim Woosuk made an appearance on the tvN show Doraemi Market.

During the show, Dongpyo chose Girls’ Day Hyeri as the MC he wanted to see the most. He explained, “I think her fun personality matches well with me.” Host Boom tried to continue the conversation saying that there is probably more to his answer. While others waited for Son to answer, he ended the conversation by saying that it’s over.

During the first question on the show, Son is seen making a face while saying, “What is it saying?” revealing his frustration.

He continues to make sarcastic remarks while other members correctly answer the questions. When Shin Dongyup comments that broadcasts are not an easy thing, Son adds to the comment by saying, “I won’t make it easy then.”



To put it nicely, he could be showing his ambition as a young teen, but most of the panel members were surprised at his words and actions.

Son Dongpyo is born in 2002, making him a minor at 18 years old. He made his debut this year making him a rookie in the entertainment industry. Although we can applaud at his bold and ambitious personality, many viewers found it uncomfortable to watch a young teen being rude to celebrities who were 20 or more years older than him.

This is not the first time he has been criticized for his disrespectful attitude.

Son Dongpyo is currently promoting under the group X1, which was created through the Mnet program, Produce X 101. This show has recently been confirmed by the police that the results were rigged.

Source: xsportsnews