XIA Junsu To Test For Covid After Coming Into Contact With Positive Case

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XIA Junsu (also known as Kim Junsu) has been reported to have come in contact with a confirmed case. Musical actor Son Jun Ho was previously reported to have contracted the virus. As the two frequent similar routes due to musical activities, XIA Junsu’s agency has sent him for testing as a preventive measure.

His agency CJes Entertainment made a statement to Star Today, explaining that as soon as he received news that Son Jun Ho tested positive, XIA Junsu went in for testing. They are currently awaiting results and will follow the directions of the health center carefully.

| CJes Entertainment

Every staff that also came in contact with Son Jun Ho was sent for testing. It was reported that Son Jun Ho had felt under the weather and voluntarily went for a swab test.

Currently, XIA Junsu and Son Jun Ho are both starring in the musical, Dracula.

Source: Star Today