Xiumin Confesses Why Being EXO’s Oldest Member Is Difficult

Xiumin confesses that he has to hold himself back because he is the oldest in the group.

Xiumin confessed on the talk show Life Bar that being EXO’s oldest member is difficult because of the “weight” he has to carry.


He also loves being silly and likes to joke around, but because of the role of being the oldest, he sometimes has to force himself to be calm and composed.

“I know how to mess around, make jokes and be a light person, but I have too many members below me.” ㅡ Xiumin


He admitted that being the oldest was hard and he was even a bit sad because although he wants to play around and have fun with his members, he always has to hold it in.

“When I’m doing promotions with my members, I am usually serious and just stay calm. In that aspect, it’s a little hard and I feel a bit sad.” ㅡ Xiumin


He also told the hosts an interesting fact about EXO members. According to Xiumin, the members have never gotten into a physical fight with each other before, which is apparently a surprising fact among a group of guys.

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The reason behind this, however, was not exactly because they all got along so well. It was because if even one of the members got hurt, they would miss practice which would mean everyone would have to go through practice again. Xiumin explained that this is the biggest reason EXO members never fight.


According to Xiumin, when the EXO members do have small arguments every so often, they are able to get over it quicker over a round of drinks.

As he explains this, he showed off a perfect soju tornado.


Seeing as it that the members do seem to get along pretty well, fans hope to see more of Xiumin’s silly side!

Source: Sports Donga


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