Here’s The True Reason Why “XO, Kitty” Real-Life Siblings Gia Kim And Lee Sang Heon Have Different Last Names

It’s simpler than you think.

Although everyone is still not over the love triangle (or square…?) in XO, Kitty, a pair of real-life siblings in the cast has stolen the spotlight. Gia Kim, who plays Yu Ri, and Lee Sang Heon, who plays Min Ho, are known to be blood-related siblings.

The adorable pair have expressed their gratitude to be able to work on a show together. They are already known to be extremely close to each other, often hanging out.

But what many fans were wondering was why they both seemed to have different last names. It’s pretty simple! Gia Kim is a stage name, while Lee Sang Heon stuck to his birth name when he made his debut. They explained the reason on a recent podcast, Fun With Dumb.

She had gone to a fortune-teller in Korea, who advised her to go by a stage name for greater success. After calculating her birth chart, she was offered five choices and decided to go with Kim Ji Ah!

She decided on Kim Ji Ah as it also worked well in English as Gia Kim. Her birth name has not yet been revealed to the public. You can catch the full podcast below.


XO, Kitty

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