Yang Hyun Suk appeals to make sajaegi suspects known to the public

After airing their side towards their alleged involvement with the recent digital sajaegi controversy, YG Entertainment speaks out once more with comments on the ongoing investigation. 

On October 2nd, a short interview highlighted Yang Hyun Suk’s thoughts on the controversy which was a follow-up to J.Y Park’s statement that sajaegi does exist in the music industry. He calls on that singers involved in the malicious practice should be investigated and their identities be known to the public.

Yang Hyun Suk remains bold on his stance towards the issue after responding to the previous allegations that iKON’s warm-up single was involved in the practice. He also complimented J.Y Park and Lee Seung Hwan for tackling the issue on News Room where the illegal practice was put to light.

Closing his statement, Yang Hyun Suk that if those responsible are investigated and prosecuted, then the illegal practice can be wiped out from the music industry.

Digital sajaegi is the digital manipulation done by artists, producers or entertainment agencies to illegally buy or stream their own albums in order to manipulate chart rankings.

Source: Daily Sports