Yang Hyun Suk Reportedly Gifted Prostitutes with Expensive Chanel Bags

According to MBC’s “Straight”, Yang Hyun Suk gifted the Chanel bags as a token of his appreciation.

In the midst of Yang Hyun Suk‘s prostitution scandal, MBC’s Straight reported that Yang Hyun Suk gifted prostitutes with Chanel bags worth around 4 million to 5 million won (~$3000 -4000 US dollars).

Yang Hyun Suk is currently suspected of providing prostitutes to two wealthy businessmen from Southeast Asia back in July of 2014.

According to the report, the wealthy businessmen chose women of their liking from a total of 25 prostitutes and made their way to their accommodation. It’s been reported that they even took a private jet and set off to Europe.

Furthermore, Reporter Go Eun Sang of MBC’s Straight reported that in order to express his gratitude to the women who attended the gathering, he handed out Chanel bags himself.

Considering there were 25 of them, it is estimated that Yang Hyun Suk spent a total of 100 million won for the Chanel bags.

Witness B, who spoke with MBC’s Straight, claimed that there was a total of 8 men in the restaurant which included businessmen as well as the staff of YG Entertainment, in addition to the 25 prostitutes.

In response to the accusations, Yang Hyun Suk stressed that he was in attendance but was unaware if any prostitution took place.

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